Donna Moss, known as the “Queen of Bling,” brings her glamorous and lush style into every space she decorates. A former finalist on HGTV’s Design Star, she hosts the HGTV series Donna Decorates Dallas, where she shows the big (and small) details that make up a fabulous Texas home.

In August 2014, she opened a new store with her daughter Tiffany, That’s Haute Kids, a children’s fashion and design boutique. Donna hosts and sponsors a number of local and national charity events including A Wish With Wings and serves on the board of The Arts Council. With numerous awards to her credit and her work featured in People Magazine and Instyle Magazines, Donna Moss proves that you can “bling it all” — making decor bold, gold and glam!

Tiffany Moss Jenkins has spent her life surrounded by interior design. She works as Donna’s Executive Design Assistant and also contributes behind-the-scenes on HGTV’S Donna Decorates Dallas, which Donna Moss and her other daughter Ashley co-host. Additionally, Tiffany helps manage the Texas boutiques, That’s Haute and co-owns new That’s Haute Kids.

But interior design is not Tiffany’s only strength. She also works for her father Paul in the residential and commercial building industry, a business which she knows from the ground up. Between her degree in Real Estate and experience in interior design, with Tiffany can have the whole house … and then some!


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Ashley Moss Headshot

Ashley Moss Black is also one of the creative forces behind Donna Moss Designs as an Executive Design Assistance and works in front of the cameras and behind the scenes as co-host on HGTV’s Donna Decorates Dallas.

As a graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Ashley uses her business degree to its fullest extent. With her role as Co-Owner of “That’s Haute,” the family’s upscale retail boutique in Texas, she handles the day to day operations as well as buying, marketing, accounting and customer relations. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker who focuses on residential and new home sales. As you can see this girl wears many hats, but her true passion is in the interior design world.


Working with Donna will bring the “bling” to it all! You may get dizzied by all the little details, but this is how Donna Moss works to give you the good, the bad (in a good way), and the “blingy”!


Initial Meeting

The process begins with an in-person meeting that can take place in Donna’s office or on the project location. Donna loves to see the place where she will working on in order to envision the project and make it spectacular.


Intimate Details

As Donna gets to know you, she will take into account the smaller elements of the design and how they enhance the overall presentation of the collaborative design. Whether you know what you want or you have only a vague concept, narrowing down the finer details is key to finding the right design.


Hone the Design

Donna will often choose a personal item belonging to her client that will serve as inspiration for the room’s design. But, as her client, she will also “pick your brain” about your likes and dislikes to ensure that the end result is perfect.


Product Selection

Getting the ideal design is Donna’s primary focus, so selection of just the right products is an integral part of the process. Sometimes, swatches aren’t what the client envisioned, or at the last minute, the chosen fabrics may not really present the desired effect. Flexibility is important to getting it right.


The Big Picture

First, Donna will evaluate a few key details: windows, floors, ceiling heights, furniture and the overall size of the room. Everything is assessed at the first consultation to ascertain what they are going to do with the room.


Meet the Press

A little (or a lot) of bling goes a long way! Coupled with an installation by Donna Moss, you may receive a press inquiry and your home may be featured in a local or national publication … or get mentioned by Donna herself on social media!


I’ve been in Donna’s store and I knew that she could bring all the luxury and bling and “fabulosity” that I wanted into the room while also catering to Chris’ masculinity and underlying calmness that he wanted in the room. I loved it! Over the top and more!

--NFL Player Chris Johnson and wife Mioshi

She didn’t just design a room. She designed a room for US!

--Earlene and Brad

Working with Donna as a designer was a pleasant surprise. She had a great way of really listening to what I wanted and maybe do some things that didn’t represent her as much but would represent me and make me feel at home in my bedroom.

--Dr. and Laura Alpert

I loved Donna’s design. She captured everything that we wanted, everything that’s been our vision, our dream for that space.



Donna, the DIY Diva, makes everything from custom headboards to jewel-encrusted mirrors. Enjoy a glimpse into the glitz and glamour that is Donna Moss.

Tips from the DIY Diva Herself

Tips from the DIY Diva Herself



Nobody does DIY like Donna Moss. Featured on television for years as a seasonal DIY expert, her ideas add bling to every home, whatever the budget.



Follow Donna’s example and combine elements of old world style and new world design to make your projects shine.



Christmas is Donna’s favorite decorating season, and she has lots of tricks to modify everyday decor into seasonal masterpieces.



Do you need to make a room seem larger than it is? Donna has plenty of decorating ideas, big and small, to visually expand a space.



Is your home’s decor looking tired and in need a little pick me up? Donna shows you how to use home crafts to freshen up things up.



Nobody does glam like Donna Moss. She is known for using her jewelry to bling up a room in a pinch. Sample a taste of some of her own custom designs.