As a designer, art comes with the package. While this Texas lady loves the bling, I also love including new and inventive designs to the extreme … and if you look closely, you can still glimpse a few “Donna Moss” signature favorites! This rad room was featured in season two of Donna Decorates Dallas and has a special place in my heart – it is spontaneous, bright, and bursting with artistic style.

cool teenage room design

I bet you didn’t think this style would come back! The seventies rad pad is a great way to bring life into a young adult living space. I included some of my trademark favorites – including the animal print carpeting and plenty of bright throw pillows to offset the black leather sofa.

awesome painted mannequins

I just loved these cosmopolitan sculptures! I had a local artist come in and paint them, and the client couldn’t be happier with the results. Using artists and artisans to enhance my interiors is one of my favorite parts of being a designer. Drawing the eye with psychedelic designs, the mannequins were an inspiration for the entire room setup.

nickel plated decor

Don’t forget your accessories! A rad pad wouldn’t be complete without world class pieces of art such as iron structures and custom blown glass decor.

glass decor

how to use old cds in design

The wall showcase is a DIY project for the ages … you know me – the DIY Diva! Using these Cd’s was a simple and fun way to take a bachelor pad or teenager’s living space to the next level. Signed copies of your favorite band brings it all home to roost. As an interior designer, you must always listen to the music of your client’s heart – whether it be punk rock, classical, or country! Where would you use old washed-up technology in your design?


Best of luck in all your designing endeavors,


-Donna Moss