Alright y’all! You know I love anything that packs that wow power. But what about the kid’s room? Too many times parents choose simple colors or plain decor. It doesn’t have to be like that! And if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I LOVE a powerful bedroom design. Here’s what I did with my client’s daughter Joanna’s bedroom. This is what I had to work with (you’ll notice it’s fairly simple and pretty but needs some style!):

HGTV kids interior bedroom

My biggest concern with Joanna’s room was not a lack of color or design. My concern was that she was growing out of it and this bedroom design wasn’t really going to transition her into becoming an older girl. This is a common problem with little girl’s room designs and something I am a BIG fan of preventing. See the little butterfly and heart decals on the wall? Not really “tween” material in my book.

teen girl bedroom design

All right. Here’s my favorite part (on Donna Decorates Dallas and off!!!) … the big reveal. In every bedroom design, I include something that reaches the heart, something that inspires. “Imagine” and “Dream” are perfect accomplishments for a young girl, and knowing Joanna I was sure these would hit home with her.

young girl how to decorate room

Now this is the kind of room a girl can have a teenage sleepover! I went with a very Parisian dressing room ambiance. Rich colors and golden accents, and don’t forget to notice the pink diamond-patterned walls! And what room would be complete without a chandelier (I am Donna Moss, aren’t I? 😉 ). Even  your daughter’s room can have a dramatic chandelier!

interior design bedroom

The dressers were an amazing find. They give the room that “old world” feel and really pulled the whole room together. The best part? I can imagine Joanna growing up in this room. It gives her space and a design that grows with her.

young teen bedspread

Last and definitely not least – the bed itself. Functional, beautiful, and sweet. The rose wall hangings keep it feminine and warm and blended in with the shimmer and warmth of this bedroom design.


And in case you missed it, I was even able to get a little leopard print in this design! Can you find it?


Good luck in all your design endeavors,


Donna Moss